Luxury Sailing Holidays For Honeymoons

Honeymoon Sailing

Your Honeymoon: the most special holiday of your life.

Your honeymoon will be such a special and exciting time and we understand you want it to be uniquely personal, inspiring and memorable; it’s your forever holiday.

A wonderful luxury sailing holiday for a honeymoon to cherish.

So imagine you’re honeymooning in the lap of luxury on-board a truly amazing, fully crewed yacht; swimming in crystal clear waters, sipping champagne on a beautiful deserted sandy beach, watching a stunning ocean sunset together.

Onboard our beautiful yacht ‘First Essential’ all you have to do relax and enjoy the finer things in life; our whole yacht charters mean you won’t have to share your honeymoon with anyone else!

Discover secret hideaways and hidden gems – places you can only get to by sea, places ordinary tourists won’t find; perfect for peace, seclusion and romance.

Share amazing experiences; create lasting memories – from quiet coastal coves to lively, vibrant resorts, find your own favourite spots; special, private and personal to you!

Enjoy this special time together – if you want to surprise your loved one with your own unique romantic gesture, then just ask; we’ll go that extra mile (nautical of course!) to make it happen.

We’re here to make your sailing honeymoon a truly special, unique experience; and that’s a promise.

Happy Honeymoon!

Essential Sailing… because your honeymoon should be unique to you!

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